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Intelligent Lighting Control System

Intelligent Lighting Control System

Analysis of conditions in industrial and other facilities has shown that working process of our clients has developed. Also time and financial aspects of process are becoming more and more complex. Just the power and efficiency of LED lighting technology thus cannot satisfy the specific needs of each individual client. This is why we are constantly developing new products to provide clients with unique solutions.

Intelligent lighting control system or ILCS improves energy efficiency – it reduces energy use – and enables temporary and permanent dimming of lighting depending on the nature of work in the particular facility.

The ILCS system works for heights up to 12 m and in ambient temperature from 0°C to 50°C.


We provide you with intelligent and comprehensive administration of lighting installations.

Energy efficiency with ILCS improved by 35%
Lifespan with ILCS longer
ON/OFF reaction time instant


There are two solutions possible….


Dimming with PIR sensor

PIR sensor or Passive Infrared movement sensor enables preset solutions:

  • example: lamp is working on 30% when there is no presence under the lamp and lights up at 100% instantly when presence is detected.



Dimming with beBox

web-IMG_4661beLine lamps can be upgraded with beBox for radio controlled dimming, in which lux level can be predefined. beBox has a light meter that automaticaly measures natural light in the facility. beBox then sends this information to the radio frequency module (RF) on the lamp that adjusts the power of the lamp according to the demand for lux levels on the floor. The lamp’s power is automatically adjusted every 5 seconds. Everything is done automatically without wires by radiofrequency. If beBox is turned off, the lamps in this sector will turn on 100%.

beBox benefits:

  • no need for new installations,
  • the range is around 500 m,
  • one beBox can control 1 sector with 1000 lamps or can set up up to 255 different sectors in one hall.


  • Secondary optics: Free, N, W, WW, WWW and shelving (WH)
  • Asymmetric/shelving/WH optics: This optic was developed for lamps mounted between shelves in warehouse facilities as it provides a narrow stripe of illumination. Combining such warehouse lamp with PIR provides the optimal solution for high storage warehouses.