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Savings, Investment & Financing

Savings, Investment & Financing

Intelligent industrial LED light beLine® with exceptional characteristics. Our already completed projects have in average up to an 80% reduction in electricity use and on the other hand, considerable better illumination. Furthermore, we provide at least 5 year warranty on all parts/components of our lamp. On average the investment is returned in one to three years, depending on working hours and electricity cost. More importantly, clients can replace existing lighting without any initial investment.

Our clients can repay the investment from the savings made by beLine®technology.

The chart is prepared from the lighting project for an average facility in heavy industry with following data:

Hall: 22 x 110 m, 11 m high
Lights: existing 70x 400W MH replaced with 70x 115W beLine LED
Operating period: 24 hours/ 312 days
Lighting increase: ˃250 lux

Assumed electricity price: 0.08 €/kWh

Immediately save 25% without initial investment and after 3 years 85%.


The investment is repaid monthly from savings that the beLine® LED lamps produce. The average turn of the investment is 2 to 3 years depending mostly on electricity price as shown on charts above. In this period the company immediately saves around 15% on electricity and investment costs together. Clients thus saves at the moment the lighting is replaced without initial investment.


Investment and financing



Our client’s benefit:

  • Reduction of operating costs without initial costs of investment.
  • Guaranteed energy savings throughout the whole investment period.
  • Prompt investment realization – immediate savings.


  • initial investment 0
  • repayment up to 7 years (all with savings)
  • savings higher than monthly obligations
  • guaranteed savings within the period
  • guaranteed illumination level within the period
  • no maintenance

In some countries grants are possible.

A few other options for financing the investment are possible with our financing partners.

We treat every project individually, so we can meet our client’s expectations. Our experience and flexibility, high standards, unique solutions, custom made products and promptness are values for which our clients continue to trust us and our products.