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The main identity source of the SES Lighting trade mark are our employees and partners who are distinguished by capability, broad knowledge, motivation and affiliation that create the positive organisational culture of the trade mark as that is the most important factor of a successful company.


We are looking for partners with previous work experience in sales and who are looking for the right business opportunity.

Just a few benefits of becoming our partner and sales agent:

1. You would be involved in one of the most transforming and fast growing industries currently in the world. Only 15% of all capacities are used till now! Imagine the opportunity!

2. You would work together with company that has more than 7 years of experience in LED lighting industry.

3. We give extreme value and importance to innovations and niche products and our product is one of the leading LED products in the world.

Being a sales agent for our company can bring you long term results and added value.

We are searching for agents from all over the globe and we are open to your ideas and suggestions. Join our team! Only together we reach our goal!


How to become our partner?

Send a request to info@ses-lighting.com along with:

  • personal and company details,
  • short CV with work experience,
  • in which territory you want to work.
  • you can also add any other information you deem necessary.

In the shortest time possible SES Lighting team will send you a short introduction and acquaint you with the procedure of becoming SES Lighting partner.