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Comparison with other types of conventional lighting

Comparison of lighting systems on the market indicates great technological advantage of LED and beLine® products. beLine® technology is distinguished for:

  • longest lifespan and thus longest warranty on all components that no other conventional lamp producer can achieve,
  • highest light efficiency and energy savings
  • no maintenance costs,
  • the insensitivity to vibrations in difficult circumstances, high mechanical resistance,
  • lifetime independent from the number of On/Off switches,
  • immediate start and improved safety,
  • bright light ideal for industrial use,
  • environmental friendly product that is 96% recyclable.


Comparison with competitive LED lighting

There are many LED products on the market. Majority of industry is switching or already has switched to LED lighting because of the efficiency and benefits.

However all of the producers do not follow the two main rules of LED technology. They produce lamps that look like conventional lamps and implementing LED technology.

This works for small wattages up to 20-30W where there is not so much heat to dissipate and the conditions where used are not so harsh and demanding. For higher wattages the problems become larger since there is more heat to dissipate and the environment gets more demanding – like in heavy industry.

In the table you can find the comparison of beLine® LED lamp with other LED lamp products.


LED traditional fixtures
(China, EU)
Linear LED lamps
(EU well established
beLine LED
Efficiency of fixture 90 – 100 lm/wat 90 – 120 lm/wat ~140 lm/wat
Lifespan of the lamp 50.000 hrs 50.000 – 70.000 hrs 100.000 hrs
Use of LED power 65 – 70 % 50 – 60 % 35-50 %
Performance at > 50°C bad bad very good
Warranty 1- 5 years 1 – 5 years 5 – 12 years


When you compare other LED lighting fixtures to beLine® you have to pay attention to:

  • a lot of producers give 100.000 hrs lifespan, but you have to careful at what temperature (most at 25°C)  – beLine® up to 70°C
  • lumen output depends on the temperature the lighting is exposed to (most at 25°C)  – beLine® gives you the right number at 25°C, 50°C and 70°C
  • lighting is working at high capacity of LEDs  – beLine® at 35-40%
  • 5 year warranty only on parts – beLine®  at least 5 year warranty on all components