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  • Enabeling high energy savings
  • Improving working conditions and safety
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Removing maintenance cost


beLine® benefits for Heavy Industry

beLine® efficient intelligent industrial LED lighting along with incredible energy efficiency and also environmental friendliness has exceptional qualities when it comes to the most extreme conditions in heavy industry facilities. It provides at its most when working longer periods in a dirty, aggressive and most extreme working environment with high temperatures and constant vibrations in high facilities.


  • All day, all year workheavy-industry
  • Dirty and aggressive environment
  • High temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • High spaces
  • High energy price


If at least three are a YES, you might think of changing your lighting with beLine.


beLine® benefits for Warehouse

beLine® lamp with PIR sensor that is mostly used in warehouse facilities optimizes the lighting installation, its usage and therefor provides additional saving.

Asymmetric/shelving/WH optics is especially developed for Enlightening narrow corridors between shelves in warehouse facilities.

Pictures below show the difference in illumination before and after the investment, both working at 100%.


Operating temperature

beLine lamps work in temperatures from -30°C up to +70°C due to optimal temperature dissipation enabled by side vertical ribs. Therefore lamp is heated only up to +15°C compared to ambient temperature.

beLine® lamps were tested with thermal analysis camera to obtain heat dissipation information about our lamp. On the pictures below you can see that the heat is going away from the lamp through the vertical ribs.


Pictures below show our lamps in most harsh working environment compared to existing lamps. beLine® lamp temperature is 50,4°C and existing lamp 84,9°C.


Lamps were also tested in SIQ certified body laboratories for 10 days at 80°C on 245 V. The lamp sustained the test excellence with no malfunction or lumen deterioration.



The illumination level is very much increased, some even by 250% depending on needs.

The lux level is increased, safety is improved.

According to studies, well lighted work place contribute to 52% less working accidents, 8% higher productivity and 16% higher task performance.

Working accidents -52 %
Productivity +8 %
Task performance +16 %

Handbuch für Beleuchtung, 1999: increasing light levels in metal industry.







LED lamps on the left give white colour light that is more friendly to human eye.



The latest results that LED producer gave is the basis for our guaranteed 100.000 hours lifespan which means around 15 years. In theory depending on variables that life span can be even as long as 200.000 hours.

From calculations in theory the LED will last more than 209.000 hrs working with L70  (at least 70% of initial luminosity)


test: 1000mA Ta = 55°C > 209.000 hrs
test: 1000mA Ta = 85°C > 200.000 hrs
beLine: 500mA Ta = 70°C estimated > 200.000 hrs


We guarantee:

  • 100.000 hrs lifetime L70 (at least 70% of initial luminosity) and
  • 50.000 hrs lifetime L85



There is no special maintenance needed.