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Lighting project

Lighting project

The investment in new lighting system or replacement of the existing non efficient lighting system is on the first hand technical solution and, on the other hand, financial, environmental and organizational solution. SES Lighting provides clients with support – from the beginning of the investment until its complete realization.


We reach our goals by following these pre-defined steps:

  • appointment information and expressed interest in the LED lighting project,
  • consultation and acquirement of basic data from a client
  • based on obtained information and initial preparations, the inventory check of the halls is made,
  • preparation of the project and business proposal,
  • any alterations are made and lighting necessities are adjusted,
  • study of technical and economic feasibility,
  • financing solutions and possible grants,
  • presentation of the lighting project and a business plan,
  • approval of the project and the proposal by the client,
  • realization of the LED lighting project.


The essential things (gathered in an INVENTORY list) for preparing a lighting project are:

  • CAD or other drawings of the plant or a sketch with dimensions and major obstacles,
  • position of the existing lamps in the building,
  • height of the lamps,
  • actual power and type of the lamps,
  • existing illumination level on the ground measured at night,
  • desired illuminations on the ground,
  • working hours and days in a year,
  • price of electricity with all taxes,
  • purity of the building (clean, dusty, dirty),
  • PICTURES of the interior.


Our goal is to work with clients to create new lighting solutions that can add value to their business. We offer access to the latest technology and a dedicated team of experts can help you turn your ideas into reality, solve problems and provide unique solutions of lighting in industry, especially in heavy industry and all other facilities. Due to our wide range of products, we can satisfy almost every need.